Star Wars Rebels: “Art Attack”

The second Star Wars Rebels short includes Mandalorian Sabine Wren creating a colorful diversion.


Two more Star Wars Rebels shorts will debut before the show’s October premiere.

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  1. It sounds like Greg Weisman is the Stormtrooper Commander and Dave Filoni is the Stormtrooper who calls Sabine “rebel scum.” I don’t know Simon Kinberg’s voice very well but it’s possible that he’s the other speaking trooper.

    It’s interesting that so much of the trailers and preview imagery, especially the earlier stuff, was made up of footage from these shorts.

  2. I definitely heard Filoni’s voice in that bucket!

    Pretty sure there are 3 more shorts after this, not just 2 (it was 5 weeks a week ago).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all the trailer content is going to be from these shorts at this point, but then again we do have the first 7 minutes of the premiere too.

    As for this one, I think Sabine was a little too cheesy, a little too “ninja warrior” for someone wearing a bunch of squeaky mando armor, and the art element felt forced perhaps. Leaving the stormtroopers alive but covered in paint was too much to ask IMO considering how much explosion there was, I really don’t want this to be a safe show with no consequences.