Black Series 6″ Wave 3, Kit Fisto FX, and Vintage Jumbo Zuckuss In Stock!

The Black Series 6-inch Wave 3 has landed at Brian’s Toys! Currently, all three 6-inch waves are in stock and ready to ship.  This is the perfect opportunity to collect all the characters released thus far for the line.

Vintage Jumbo Zuckuss from Gentle Giant has also arrived to round out the remaining Bounty Hunters. Limited quantities of the last few bounty hunters still remain!  Several pre-orders from Sideshow have also been added which features an awesome Captain Rex Phase II 12-inch figure.

Coming Soon

Sideshow Collectibles Pre-Orders 

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Black Series 6-Inch Figures 

Vintage-Style Vehicles Restocked!

Mission Series Restocked!

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Removable FX Lightsabers Restocked!

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Gentle Giant

Vintage 12″ Jumbo 

Vintage Star Wars

Carded AFA


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